Car parking operator

Are you looking for a car parking operator? Do you have a vacant carpark in a good location where there is a demand for parking?
All types of car parks wanted; any shape or size.

Todays mobile phone technology has eliminated the need for a Pay and Display machine.

A sign we have developed acts as this. It has a barcode that is programed with your parking tariff and location, so why not make it an earner with Scan Park?

There is no outlay other than the cost of a few signs for a much cheaper and more reliable service.

Do you have a car park that’s in use during the day but vacant at night? Are you near cinemas or restaurants? These signs can reflect the parking of operation.
Do you have land waiting for development? Why loose out by having it empty?

We have developed the most simple system that allows us, as a car parking operator, to obtain maximum revenue from your site. A motorist scans a QR code to pay for parking; its as simple as that

No more pay and display machines or employing wardens.

Any car parks wanted in the U.K. Once the signs have been posted and installed, you are ready to go.


How can car park operators enforce non-payment?

There are several ways that this is achieved. We can supply you with a book of parking charge notices and the yellow waterproof sleeve with a log in to your account to view active and non-active parking sessions.


Parking Sessions

Once you order your signs, we will contact you for a parking tariff. This will be the first page that comes up when a motorist scans the QR code with their phone.

What materials are car park operetor signs made from?

1) alluminium diabond
2) plastic
3) wood composite

Illumination of signs

It is advisable that the area around the parking area has sufficient lighting or that the signs are reflective.


How is car park operator enforcement achieved?

Car park operators can contact the DVLA for keeper details and so can the landlord. We recommend that you issue a parking charge notice to unpaid vehicles.

Vehicle control solution is an accredited car parking operator and is a member of the British Parking Association.

We also have an accreditation from trading standards buy with conf7idence scheme. All our warning notices have an accreditation from the Word Centre, meaning they are clear to read and understand.

Scan Park is the easiest way to get your car park earning. Contact us today to order you car parking operator signs.

Paying for parking just got easier.

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