Pay And Display Machines For Sale

Pay And Display Machines For Sale

Pay and display machines are purchased by private landlords and local authorities in the U.K. They are mainly used in car parks, both private and public, to charge drivers for their parking stay and are mostly electrical, dispensing a ticket once a payment is made.


A tariff is published on a sign next to the machine, the ticket is valid for the period of parking, and it is non-transferable to other motorists; a disclaimer on the ticket the machine dispenses states that it is non-transferable to another car.


Pay and display machines for sale in the UK are programmed to accept mainly U.K. currency. Most have improved significantly over the years making them more reliable. Now, they work better to reject foreign coins, and some are assisted with a solar electric supply.


The latest machines accept all forms of payment that include:

a) cash

b) credit card


They are connected to a central station that monitors their performance in the later models.

A thermal heater printer prints the ticket on to a thermal roll.

Pay and display machines for sale in the U.K. cost anywhere from 10k to 20k. There are several manufactures in the UK and in Europe


How enforcement is achieved for non-payment?


This is done in two ways.

  • ANPR cameras can also be used with pay and display machines, so that non-payment can be identified, and a parking notice sent to the registered keeper. Once a ticket has been dispensed to the motorist, the information is sent to a computer that monitors the ANPR cameras; these are date and time programmed. This way, the vehicles that do not pay for parking can be identified.
  • Warden patrol to identify when cars have overstayed the time purchased.


Pay and display machines for sale can be found on eBay and direct from the manufacturers. Local councils also sell them once new ones, with improved technology, replace them.


There is a wide range of disadvantage of pay and display machines for sale in the U.K and they will eventually be phased out as new technology comes on board.


Pay and display machines for sale in the U.K. must have internal heaters fitted so in the winter they don’t build up condensation that can disrupt the electrics.

1) Drivers must leave their vehicles with the correct change and enter their registration number correctly.

2) Waiting in a queue in the rain and when it is cold.

3) They need to have a 240-volt power supply to run the heater to ensure that damp does. not build up inside the machine in winter.

3) They need to be emptied, some daily, and need a regular maintenance.

4) The average cost of installation is about 10 to 15k.

5) Prone to vandalism.

6) They will not accept Euro coins.


The alternative to a pay and display machine is ScanPark where the motorist simply scans the barcode on the sign to pay for their parking.

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